How to: Tips and Tricks

Put Home, Computer, Network, Trash icons on Gnome Desktop

To add these icons on Your desktop is simple. Here's how to do it.

Open up the Run dialog box by pressing ALT and F2 keys, then type gconf-editor and click on the Run button (or hit Enter). If prompted, enter your password to proceed.

Run Application dialog: gconf-editor

The Configuration Editor will open up. Navigate to Apps > Nautilus > Desktop from the left menu.

Then on the right hand side place a check against the icons you want to see displayed on the desktop. You can display the Computer, Home, Trash and Network icons from in here.

For example, I have check:

  • trash_icon_visible
  • computer_icon_visible
  • home_icon_visible
  • network_icon_visible

Configuration Editor - desktop

If for example, you want to change the name from “Computer” to “My Computer”, all you have to do is double-click on computer_icon_name, choose String as the type and then key in the name you want to give to it.

Edit key

Now take a look at your desktop and you should see the icons that were selected.

Desktop icons

That's it.